How to Improve Your Golf Game
(And Your Life!) - only £7.99 for ebook

It's a widely accepted fact that the mental game is a massive part of golf. But how many lessons have you had on how to improve your mental game? In fact, when did anyone teach you how to run your brain full stop?

This book is the easy to read instruction manual about how to control the thoughts and feelings that affect your success in golf…and in life.

You'll learn how to:
Let go of nerves and anger, maintain a hot streak, instantly regain confidence, improve your accuracy, putt better & much more!

Shoot your best round ever!

Golfers of all abilities are shooting their best rounds ever after reading this book:

“I shot my lowest round this year (78) and as a 12 handicapper that’s pretty good for me! Thanks again for writing an awesome book!” – JR, Glasgow

"Your book is excellent and easy to read. The breathing techniques are very useful and can be applied to everyday experiences not just the first tee on the golf course. I have also passed it on to my son who won his monthly medal at the weekend and has now been cut to a 12 handicap." – JG, Edinburgh

"I've read it 5 times - I can't stop reading it!" – MS, Edinburgh

"Thanks a million - it's superb! It works - I remembered to focus on where I wanted it to go. 75 scratch today - my record!" – GG, Ayrshire

“Believe it or not I won Wednesday's medal! I played well and really can’t remember anything other than the good shots.” – IB, Edinburgh

“Very good. Very readable and nicely presented." - Colin Brooks, SGU Coach

“"Superb." - Paul Gibson, Boys & Coaching Convenor, Lothians Golf Association