Play like a Tiger Audio MP3

- only £9.99 for MP3

Pre-game mental conditioning programme for golf. The secret of the best ways to think before and during your round of golf.

It is less than 25 minutes long, so that it easily fits into the time you have available, which means that you’ll use it regularly (perhaps on the way to the course).

It involves simple exercises that you can do anywhere (including on the range, putting green, or in your car), so that you’ll quickly be applying the exercises to your game and seeing your scores and consistency improve.

The backing music entrains your brain to emit alpha and theta waves that are proven in helping you to:
a) learn, visualize and be more creative
b) balance the left and right sides of your brain*
c) get into a relaxed state
d) improve your ability to focus and control your mental states

*Society trains people to be very left brained. But the golf swing is a much more right brained activity!

As you listen you will naturally adopt a great mindset, so that you’ll be in the peak state for playing well.
"Your CD has been such a great help!"

- Kylie Walker, 2 time winner on the Ladies European Tour.